Whitney Heichel: A Life Cut Short

Whitney Heichel, not anyone I personally knew or even ever met. But still I feel like I knew her. She had this amazing smile, like electricity! She had the sweetest eyes, like the eyes of a doe. She had a charm about her that came across in all her photos. She was so beautiful.

She was someones daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, Grand daughter, niece, friend, spiritual sister. She was a great many things to a great many people. As seen in all the facebook comments on her memorial page.

People from all over the world commenting about their spiritual sister they never met. But still loved, as family. Countless people hoping for her safe return, Witness and non Witness looking for her in the cold trying to find her, hoping she would still be found alive. ‘

But to their sad terror, she was found dumped like garbage on the side of a road on Larch Mountain in Oregon. Why this story has touched so many is because of the character of Whitney, she was the kind of person who was willing to help someone in need. And known to be always on time and a good christian. She was newly married and loved her Husband so much! There was nothing in her profile that suggested otherwise!

The pig who took her young life had the nerve to even show up to one of the meetings for her search and rescue… the whole time knowing she was dead.

What he did to her is unspeakable! I dont even want to really know all the extent of his violence toward someone so harmless! She was such a classic beauty. And like a rose….gone all too soon!

John 5:28,29 is the promise she has to look forward to, She will hear Jesus call her name to wake up and come out of her memorial tomb… and she will awaken to a new paradise earth where she will have no memories of the sick day that ended with her violent death, and she will see her family and loved ones again. Tears of joy will be shed and everyone will be so excited to welcome Whitney and so many others back form the death state they were held captive in!

The true justice will come from Jehovah God… not man.

But mans court will have to do for now, Lets hope her killer gets to see the wrath of Jehovah for what he has done!

May there be true peace and happiness for her Husband Clinton, and her Mother, father and sisters and brother….. May they all have comfort from the Bible and Jehovah’s promise that soon all bad things will come to an end and there will only be the paradise earth and loving mankind in it!

Praise Jehovah all you people!     Wallpaper, desktop, yellow, roses, content, digital, uploads