Hater… A Poem

Told a story and it wasn’t true , tried to get me caught up, but your wicked plan fell threw. Now you lookin stupid and egg on your face cuz, your lie just lost the race. Added a story and tried to make it work but all you came up with was making yourself look like a jerk! Just you keep watchin as I skate bye cuz hater keep yellin I cant hear you I’m living up so high!

Living my life and yeah I’m better I know its true, cuz I know how to love …. cant say the same for you! Haters hate with a black heart.
spoken lies that is your only art. No imagination and a twisted soul, you are what Charlie Sheen would call a Troll!
No one wants to be your friend because they all know you’ll turn on them in the end your true self is beginin to show.

Hater keep hatin’ with all your schemes and lies because you smellin rotten and your words draw flies! Keep your heart so black as night, make sure no one can see the light! Spoken like a liar spreadin your lies like fire, you still cant get me I only fly higher! Time for you to understand Your words fall threw because everyone’s finally seeing the real you!