Who Do You Think You Are?

Isn’t it funny how when you’re a kid… and you feel the need to sound off at your parents the question always asked is; “Who Do You Think you Are?” Why do parents ask this question? I mean what is it we, as parents expect to hear? ” I don’t know mom, superman I guess!”

Seriously asking a loaded question to a kid can result in getting what you ask for. I remember my little brother was to get in trouble for lying. When we were kids, he would lie so much the carpets were jealous! So our father calls him into the living room, Ready to make an example of the little liar. He has my little brother sit on his lap to have a serious talk with him.

So the old man goes into some long-winded speech of how lying is serious and can not go with out punishment. My little brother was in for the dreaded spanking and we all knew it. The old man ( as I call our father) love to humiliate us in front of others. It was fun for him.

Well he asks my little brother one question… expecting the correct answer, but not the one he got….

Father: Roy, Whose the father of the lie?

My little brother takes a second and has his index finger in his mouth, slowly removes the finger and says without missing a beat…Points at the old man and says with a little question…

Roy: You Are?

The whole room busted out in laughter. No one could hold it back. Even the old man had to laugh. He pushed Roy off his lap and said : “Get out of here!”

Our mother looked at the old man and politely said threw laughter of her own… “That’s what you get for asking a loaded question!”

So the next time you ask your son or daughter “Who do you think you are?” You better be ready for the answer…. Kids are, many times with out trying,  comics. On my little brothers part… He only heard “Whose the Father…. ” Boy did the old man walk face first into that one!


The Art Of This Writer…

So I’m sitting at my computer… and watching T.V. at the same time. I start to wonder ” Do all writers have to have sound around them when writing like I do?” My son finds it weird that I must have the radio on to read or study. And I need the T.V. on for ambient sounds in the house. I really can’t stand the sound of silence unless I’m sleeping.. Even then I must have a fan on. The white noise puts me to sleep. But I can’t sleep if the T.V. is on or the radio is playing. Then it drives me crazy. Why? you might ask…. Because the constant blabbering or singing keeps me awake. I just can’t seem to win!

Life in color

Life in color is exactly what this is. I have so much inside me that I need to put on paper or somewhere. I lived a very hard life and feel as if I have been alive for over 100 years. This blog will be about my childhood, and my adult life as well as some original stories and poems I have written. Writing has always been an escape for me threw out my life. Now I want to share my writings with the world and see what you all think. Be kind as this is my first Blog… Thanks GG.