My vents and Lessons Learned

I know if you are reading my blog you already know I am a Chris Brown fan ( Team Breezy) and a huge life long Michael Jackson fan. I also have allot to say about my views on things. I just went back and read some of the things I wrote and I have to say… its actually pretty good. I especially like my review on the Conrad Murray trial… you know the guy who murdered Michael Jackson. I actually impressed myself. And did notice a few mistakes, but for the most part it was well written I have to say..

I recently read and then re-read the Hunger Games novel series… LOVED them and loved the movie as well. Very well told story, very well acted movie. Everything was so well done that your imagination was totally matched by the visuals of the film!! Excellent!! Looking forward to The Hunger Games Catching Fire… that one is going to be just awesome! Can’t wait!

As I sit here tonight thinking of what I want to say, And listening to music. I think about the last three years, how much my life has changed. How much I have changed. Being obsessed over one thing then on another. Totally blinded to what really matters. Then to come to now and see I am more focused and trying my best to only improve myself and my life. I made it out ofthe retail trap and am now working for a very good company! No more standing all day!! Thank God for that!

I know I still have allot as a person to achieve and still some growing to do. But the best thing I can say I did was tonight when I sent a letter of apology to a former friend who I know I hurt deeply and couldn’t let myself go on another year and not apologize for my bad behavior. I felt it was important to apologize and let the past finally go! I can only hope she accepts my sincere apology as it was well thought over and written from the heart.She was my very good friend and I cut off the friendship over a misunderstanding… on my part. And I know I had to have hurt her deeply. And I never like to hurt anyone. But no excuses I apologized and I can only hope she does believe me and we can somehow be friends again. Only time can tell.

Friends are forever and we take them for granted sometime and hurt them with our words. Remember your friends are your friends because they see a worth in you that YOU cant see.

treasure them….                  Image