Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Servants!

His name is Tiger. He is a little orange and white Tabby, He behaves as if he owns the house and the people in it. His favorite thing to do is get into everything. You would think at the ripe old age of one he would have settled down by now. But nope, He still must get what ever it is you have, claw things he shouldn’t and open cabinets. his main desire in life right now is to get into my closet. I swear it is like a challenge to him. He is totally obsessed with the door and trying to open it. But there is an art form to his opening or should I say trying to open the closet. You see he must wait until 4:30 in the morning to get started. Why does he do that? I dont know he is a cat, Go figure! Any way 4:30 is the official start time. It wakes me up and I tell him to stop, spray him with water from a spray bottle.. to no avail of course. He loves to play in water, so it really doesn’t bother him. He then resorts to hiding on me. Pretending to have left the room… when he is hiding where he thinks I cant see him.. Lying flat on the bedroom floor… Power of invisibility there. or dodging to the foot of my bed. I surely cant see him there. Yeah right for a smart cat, he isn’t that bright. I see him all to well. Maybe he knows humans really cant see in the dark… so he will just blend because the stupid human cant see …in the dark.

He loves to have your attention, but then wants you to just go away. The look on his face definitely says that! But while he must have your attention he will cuddle on you and meow ever so sweetly. And I fall for this every time… Just to turn into his favorite chew toy. But his little face is so cute I must pet him and give him some love and then boom he attacks. Almost a military move, if you ask me! His days are filled with watching the birds out side and wishing to catch one. But I think if he ever did he would be like Wild E. Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons… wouldn’t know what to do next! But nun the less he wants one of those flying things outside. Now mind you, Tigger is a house cat, pampered beyond belief and knows nothing of the outside world. But he wants those birds!

When I am cleaning the house and I go into the bathroom to wash the tub, He follows me in there and has to watch everything . The next thing I know he is right on the edge of the tub playing with the water, then eventually he gets into the tub and watches the water come closer to where he is. He does the same to the sinks too. But he doesn’t get in them just paws the water to his mouth and gets a drink of water. Thus Mr. Tigger loves water!

With all his little personality quirks and the fact he does steel from time to time ( He stole a pair of my nylons and made it into a play thing ) I love him all the same. I just wish he would stop the late night early morning closet attack. But then he wouldn’t be Tigger. There is alot more to this little cat. And I will save those adventures for another time. But he has my heart. And I do believe he thinks; ” Dogs have owners, Cats have servants!” If that isnt what he is thinking it sure is how he acts!!