The Art Of This Writer…

So I’m sitting at my computer… and watching T.V. at the same time. I start to wonder ” Do all writers have to have sound around them when writing like I do?” My son finds it weird that I must have the radio on to read or study. And I need the T.V. on for ambient sounds in the house. I really can’t stand the sound of silence unless I’m sleeping.. Even then I must have a fan on. The white noise puts me to sleep. But I can’t sleep if the T.V. is on or the radio is playing. Then it drives me crazy. Why? you might ask…. Because the constant blabbering or singing keeps me awake. I just can’t seem to win!


Life in color

Life in color is exactly what this is. I have so much inside me that I need to put on paper or somewhere. I lived a very hard life and feel as if I have been alive for over 100 years. This blog will be about my childhood, and my adult life as well as some original stories and poems I have written. Writing has always been an escape for me threw out my life. Now I want to share my writings with the world and see what you all think. Be kind as this is my first Blog… Thanks GG.