Because I wanted to….

9275_4310343075766_2018259549_n  I have always wanted to write a novel. An amazing bit of literature and have people read and admire it. But then I get too many ideas happening and out the window it all goes! I get writers block. Then cant do more. I would also love to be able to draw like the best artist ever. Not going to happen, not my lot in life. How ever I love trying!

When I was little I wanted to be an actress and be on T.V and in movies… Haven’t done T.V. or Movies… but I was an actress on Stage for a few years. It was fun.

Forrest Lawn 20 I also wanted to become a photographer and shoot pictures of nature and wild life. I love to take pictures of the best art there is … NATURE! God is the Best Artist and we can only copy what he has already made. The beauty of the earth can never be matched in the things we draw or images we take with our cameras… but to try is fun!

I dont know if anyone ever reads my blog, probably not, but its here and just one more thing I can say I did. I have done a few things I wanted to do and still want to do other things too… who knows maybe one day my blog will catch the eye of the right person, and I’ll be a famous blogger too.

Then I can say I did it because I wanted to!


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